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Auto Accidents Caused By Drivers Breaking The Law

Auto Accidents Caused By Drivers Breaking The Law

Auto Accidents Caused By Drivers Breaking The Law | http://www.yourhighlandslawyers.com

Every day there are thousands of drivers that get into auto accidents in the state of Florida. Most of them consider themselves to be safe drivers, yet they are in accidents that are completely avoidable. What’s worse? The accident is entirely their fault. Florida traffic laws are designed with one goal in mind, to keep drivers safe. When drivers do not follow these laws, they are at risk of accidents and lawsuits.

Turn Signals (See the official FL statue here)

It amazes me when I am talking to an experienced driver and they say something along the lines of “using a turn signal isn’t required, it’s a courtesy”. This type of thinking is exactly why driving is more dangerous than ever. It is not only illegal to turn or switch lanes without a valid signal, it is dangerous and reckless. Just because a police officer doesn’t pull you over when you change lanes without signalling doesn’t mean that it is legal. If you do this and cause an accident you will certainly be given some of the blame.


Speeding (See the official FL statute here)

You’re driving home from work and out of nowhere, some fool flies past you at 85 miles an hour. It happens way too often, and it doesn’t shock you when you pass an accident a few minutes later and see their car. What most speeders don’t realize is that they are putting more than just themselves at risk. They are putting everyone they encounter at risk. There is a reason that speed limits exist, to save lives and discourage reckless driving.


Tailgating (See the official FL statue here)

There is some good news I have for you regarding Florida laws on following too closely. Not only is this law objective, it is also subjective. This means that tailgating is easier to prove, and drivers that cause an accident because of tailgating will pay for their choices. Many factors are taken into account such as the speed, driving conditions, etc. When an impatient driver rear-ends you, your first call should be a car accident attorney. And if you are the one that is guilty of causing an accident because you were tail-gating, don’t be surprised when you get slapped with a lawsuit.


All-in-all, driving is a privilege in the United States. You are sharing the road with thousands of other drivers and you are expected to practice safe driving. Breaking these simple driving laws is dangerous and you will likely be in a serious accident at some point if you do so. If you have been the victim of a careless driver that broke a driving law, do your fellow drivers a favor: contact us today for an experience auto accidents lawyer in Sebring FL.



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