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Auto Accidents Caused By Drivers Breaking The Law

Auto Accidents Caused By Drivers Breaking The Law | http://www.yourhighlandslawyers.com

Every day there are thousands of drivers that get into auto accidents in the state of Florida. Most of them consider themselves to be safe drivers, yet they are in accidents that are completely avoidable. What’s worse? The accident is entirely their fault. Florida traffic laws are designed with one goal in mind, to keep drivers safe. When drivers do not follow these laws, they are at risk of accidents and lawsuits. Turn Signals (See the official FL statue here) It amazes me when I am talking to an experienced driver and they say something along the lines of "using a turn...

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What To Do When You’re At Fault

So you’re at fault in a car accident? Here’s what you do: NEVER ADMIT FAULT Don’t lie to police officials, but also don’t admit that you were at fault. Aside from mentioning that you are at fault, try to avoid indicating any type of fault. So don’t apologize for going too fast or not looking both ways. These can be used against you, and they likely will if the other driver decides to hire an attorney Follow the proper steps to take after a car accident: Call the insurance company Exchange information with the other driver Use caution when speaking to the other...

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How To Handle A Car Accident | Car Accident Lawyer

Being in a car accident is scary and can shake you up. To make matters worse, you now have to get out of your car and deal with responsibilities that are very serious. If you are in your first accident, it can be easy to forget what steps to take in order to protect yourself. When this happens you risk your finances because many people take advantage of this situation. When you are in an accident you need to follow these steps and be sure to contact a car accident attorney. Call the Police This one is a given. You may be...

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