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False Accusation for a Crime you Didn’t Commit

False Accusation for a Crime you Didn’t Commit

Criminal Defense Lawyer Sebring FL

Common Causes of False Accusation

The moment you begin being approached by police and asked specific questions, you can assume that you are a suspect. Once you are a suspect, it is critical that you get in touch with a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Do not speak with any police officers. Find proof of your alibi. And remain calm. There are many reasons a person can be accused of a crime they didn’t commit. Use this tips to help resolve claims of false accusation.


False Identification During Lineup

Oftentimes eyewitnesses will mistakenly select one person in a lineup, which could be the case. The best bet in this situation would to request a new lineup using a different method. You could request a blind lineup so that the police officer conducting the lineup cannot suggest you to the witness. Another alternative could be to ensure that everyone else in the lineup look similar to the description. These are a few solutions to the issue of false identification.

Coercion to Falsely Admit

One common technique that investigators use to trick someone into admitting is to coerce them. This can be with the threat of extra punishment if you don’t admit to the crime. Because of this, many people will falsely admit to a crime they didn’t commit to avoid more severe punishment. If you felt threatened by the police at any time, you should speak with your attorney about this at once.

Poor Legal Representation

It is important to pay attention to your criminal defense lawyer throughout the case. It happens all too often, an incompetent attorney makes mistakes at trial that lead to an innocent person’s wrongful conviction. Look for an attorney that has experience with these cases and that cares about helping defend you. Lopez & Humphries P.A. is Highlands County FL criminal defense lawyer.

Be sure to retain a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney immediately! Don’t let false accusation of a crime put you behind bars. Make sure to preserve your rights, and refrain from making any statement or submit to an interview or questioning by law enforcement without your attorney present. We strongly urge you to contact the criminal defense team at Lopez & Humphries, P.A. for the experience and aggressive representation you will need. Call (863)709-1800 for a no-obligation consultation regarding your case.

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