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How To Handle A Car Accident | Car Accident Lawyer

How To Handle A Car Accident | Car Accident Lawyer

Highlands FL Auto Accident Attorneys

Being in a car accident is scary and can shake you up. To make matters worse, you now have to get out of your car and deal with responsibilities that are very serious. If you are in your first accident, it can be easy to forget what steps to take in order to protect yourself. When this happens you risk your finances because many people take advantage of this situation. When you are in an accident you need to follow these steps and be sure to contact a car accident attorney.

Call the Police

This one is a given. You may be tempted to handle it without a police officer, but this is risky. You will want an official police report of your side of the story because this will make your defense much stronger. On top of this, the cop will be able to speak with witnesses and record any evidence you may forget to get.

Exchange Information with the Other Driver

You will always want to get the other drivers information after an accident. To do this you should get their phone number, address, name, insurance card (photo), and driver’s license (photo). If they don’t want you taking a photo of their license and insurance then you should copy all information with a pen and paper. Take a photo of this once you’re finished or that you don’t risk losing the info.

Use Caution When Speaking with the Other Driver and Witnesses

Never discuss fault with the other driver after an accident. If they want to talk about it, tell them your insurance company instructed you to not discuss this at the incident. This is going to protect you from any hearsay. With witnesses you should use the same caution. Do not ask them who they think is at fault. You can ask them what they saw happen, but nothing more. Get their information and record their story.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company is your best friend during an accident. They genuinely want to help you and will give you the best advice to protect your legal liability. Provide them with any and all information, photos, and reports that they can use. This will be your best bet in covering your liability during an accident.

Contact an Attorney

This is highly suggested in a situation where any of these steps haven’t been followed, or the other driver has contacted an attorney as well. You will deal with many situations during the entire process that are confusing and you can be taken advantage of. Your other driver’s insurance company may offer you a quick settlement offer, and it can be tempting to accept. Once you accept this you are dropping your ability to get a better settlement and the other insurance company has likely tried to take advantage of the fact that you don’t have an experienced auto accident attorney.

When injured in an auto accident, you should first seek medical attention, and then seek the legal advice and representation of an experienced Sebring Florida auto accident attorney or lawyer as soon as possible. The longer you wait to obtain legal representation, it may directly affect your ability to achieve a successful outcome. Contact Lopez & Humphries, P.A., by calling (863) 709-1800. In the event that a death has resulted from an auto accident, immediate family members of the victim may seek justice in the form of a wrongful death liability law suit.

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