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Answering The Question: What Is Personal Injury Law?

Answering The Question: What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal Injury Law

Many readers already have a strong understanding of what personal injury law is. However there are many readers out there that are unclear on the subject or have an incorrect idea of what it is. Today we’ll be going over a few basic concepts behind personal injury law, and feel free to comment with any additional questions you may have. And please visit http://www.YourHighlandsLawyers for an experienced personal injury attorney in Sebring FL.


The Definition of Personal Injury Law:

A personal injury law is the process of settling legal disputes over matters involving harm or injury done to one party by another. When someone is harmed by another, it can result in a massive amount of medical expenses or other costs. Because of this, the injured party is seeking compensation because the accident/injury was avoidable.


How Is This Decided?

Once each party has had it’s chance to present it’s argument, a decision must be made in favor of one party (most of the time). Unlike criminal law cases, personal injury law (tort law) is not settled by a jury. Instead, it is settled by a judge that will listen to the facts and decide which case is most credible. The judge will determine credibility of each argument by looking at past cases that were similar in nature. The outcome of past cases will determine how the judge will determine which party has the valid argument. This is a very basic summary of how personal injury law is settled.


When Do I Need My Attorney?

The golden rule goes as follows: if the other person has an attorney, you need one as well. Even if you think you don’t need one because your insurance company is helping out, it is imperative that you hire an attorney to protect your legal rights. Finding an experienced personal injury lawyer for this situation can be the difference between owing no money and owing $250,000. If you find yourself in a personal injury dispute, play it safe and hire a lawyer.

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